Falling Up

Water is a versatile and ever-changing medium. These inherent qualities of water have brought me to the conclusion that water is free. It is free in the sense that no matter how we try, we cannot truly contain nor control it. It evades any sort of ownership by anything that tries to impose upon it.

This interests me, especially in relation to my work and myself. I feel that photography is my aesthetic release from the formal and conceptual restrictions of graphic design. While I am released from the restrictions of design, I am still influenced by those very same restrictions. I, however, do not have to abide by those restrictions in the same way. With this work, I tested my intuitive ability to make work. With photography, I am able to free my thoughts from the process.

Project Details:

Category: Cyanotype

Camera: Canon AE-1

Film: Kodak TRI-X 400

Paper Type: Canson Watercolor Paper

Year: 2012