No Average Destiny

Adrenaline courses through my veins, and a sense of peace settles over my entire being. Though the world around me is in chaos, my mind has clarity. Distractions fade out of my consciousness and I am focused on the task before me. I wait for the start of the race. If I don’t remain focused, crashing is inevitable.

Racing dirt bikes has been the one thing that brings me peace consistently in life. I am using photography to find peace in other situations. Working in the studio, with a 4×5 monorail camera, has done this for me. The studio is calm and quiet in comparison to the noise and intensity of the world around me.

This is only the beginning of the race. I will continue to search for peace in every aspect of my life. It is important for me to be able to find clarity in every situation. It will prevent me from losing focus on what’s important in life and crashing.

Project Details:

Category: Color, Film

Camera: Omega View 45CX

Film: Fujifilm Velvia 100

Year: 2013